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We use our years of experience in maritime operations to create exercises which combine live and tabletop elements to realistically test the ship/port interface. We use technology to link participants over multiple locations and to demonstrate the new environment in which maritime security must operate exercises to continuously update participants on the progress of the exercise from planning stages to after action and to allow them to collaborate on all aspects of the exercise.

YEAR: 2007 

LOCATION: Felixstowe

Calm Seas began with an onboard security incident which led to the seizure of the ship and a hostage situation while in port. We used web-conferencing to link the ship, the port police/responders and the ship's operators in Italy to create a fast moving, realistic test of the ship port interface. Videos taken during the exercise were later used in a training dvd we created for the client ship operator.

YEAR: 2008 


Tranquil Seas involved participants from the client ship operator, the terminal operator, Port of Antwerp security personnel and local as well as national police. Using web technology, we broadcast the onboard incident directly to the command centre in Antwerp and the ship operator's offices in Italy and demonstrated how the incident could have been broadcasted to the general public in real time.

YEAR: 2013

LOCATION: Bremerhaven

Exercise Musikanten used a shipboard incident to test the security procedures of the Port of Bremerhaven and the client's terminal as well as those of the ship. The scenario centred on an "in port" incident which involved the the crew of the ship, the client's security team members, the PFSO, the Bremen/Bremerhaven Port Authority and the Water Police.